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We analyzed the latest version of Xpdf and found real exploitable crashes through our automated fuzz testing tool. 

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In Red-testing, we execute several attacks such as process injection, process closing, manipulation, and spying to capture the application’s behavior, find its weaknesses, and measure its robustness.

This video demonstrates the Cydarien Red-Test software security tool. For this demonstration, we have used the executable desktop version of the Telegram messaging application as our target program.

Core Competencies


Our team is an harmonized a combination of multiple highly skilled and talented resources from academia and industry


We stay competitive by exploring market niche to evaluate the robustness of the software against malicious activities in a wild environment


We innovate cutting-edge products with a complete product development processes and related procedures

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service with the ability to complete our clients’ engagements on time

We provide highly qualified testing products in the market, and train and support software developers in all segments of businesses to keep them aware of the possible consequences of creating exploitable applications