About Us


Cydarien is a software security testing leader. As the first company to build a fully dedicated Red-Testing and Automated Fuzz-Testing, Cydarien focuses on the security vulnerabilities of software and offers unique security testing solutions. What makes Cydarien’s solution unique is that we test software in the presence of malicious attack!

CyDarien – Application Security Testing powered by Automation and AI

“Humans create software systems. And we humans make mistakes… lots of them.”


A passionate and dedicated team founded Cydarien in late 2019. It is a fact that many companies in IT business do not focus on the cybersecurity aspects of the applications which have the potential to give rise to huge security implications once breached. Besides, most software security testers rely on traditional testing techniques, mainly providing dynamic and static testing services at various advancement levels. Based on a long history of academic and industry experience, our team decided to fill the gap in the application security testing by proposing a novel model and developed an automated total solution.

The company is based in Fredericton, NB, Canada which has risen as a prominent cybersecurity ecosystem that has been housing several IT start-ups during the last decades with its easy access to highly skilled cybersecurity professionals.