Why CyDarien

Red Testing & Automated Continuous Fuzzing

Focusing on the security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in software, we offer unique security testing solutions, including red-testing and automated fuzz testing.

Migration Plan Per Vulnerabilities

We identify the vulnerabilities and provide our clients with a detailed mitigation plan per vulnerability.

SME Focused, Competitive Pricing

Our experienced team provides state of the art security tests with the most affordable prices.

Customization for Client Needs

We provide Customized test techniques and mitigation plans based on the clients’ needs, sector, and the cyber environment.

Core Competencies

There are several capabilities and the advantages that makes Cydarien unique in the market:

Highly Skilled Resources

✔ Our team which harmonized a combination of multiple highly skilled and talented resources

Cutting-Edge Product

✔ The innovation of cutting-edge product with a complete product development process, Fuzz testing and Red testing modules and related procedures.

High Level Customer Service

✔ Exceptional customer service which is our main ability to complete our clients' engagements on time.

Robust Services

✔ Flexibility to stay competitive by exploring market niche which is the Red testing to evaluate the robustness of the software against malicious activities in a wild environment.

our Vision

CyDarien a Full-Fledged Software Testing Suite for Developers

Our vision is to become global leader in security certification for software applications. To this end, Cydarien offers a full-fledged software testing suite to help software developers find their code’s vulnerabilities before the hackers did.
Automated Fuzz Testing

We automatically test the code for critical bugs and vulnerabilities through the continuous execution of tens of millions of intelligently generated tests per day.


Red Testing

We execute several attacks such as process injection. process closing, manipulation, and spying to capture the application’s behavior, and find its weaknesses.


Security Score Card

Every test executed by
Cydarien receives a test score card, and if they pass the criteria, they get a security certification which is valid for one year.

Our Mission

Our Solutions to Identify Software Vulnerabilities

Our mission is to protect cyberspace through identifying software applications’ vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and to provide solutions that helps software developers to build secure applications.

What Is Red Testing?

Red-test is a technique for detecting security vulnerabilities by attempting to stage malicious attacks on the application in a controlled environment and observing the successful attacks. A successful attack means that the application contains a security vulnerability. In Red-testing, we execute several attacks such as process injection, process closing, manipulation, and spying, to name a few, capturing the application’s behavior, find its weaknesses, and to measure its robustness.

What Is Fuzz Testing?

Fuzz testing is a brute force approach to software security testing. This approach starts with some sample input, runs it through the application, and observes the crashes. If a crash occurs, the information is recorded and included in the report. Then, the tester changes the input and runs it through the program. It is executed repeatedly for thousands of times with all sorts of inputs, and any crash found during the test is recorded. The automated fuzz testing framework allows us to automatically test the code for critical bugs and vulnerabilities through the continuous execution of tens of millions of intelligently generated tests per day using the technique called “Fuzzing”.